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About EduChat

Our vision is to connect every teacher, student, and parent in the world to improve education

EduChat is an instant chatting application that connects parents and teachers and enables them to communicate with each other. We at EduChat want to remove the communication gap that exists in schools and provide a platform for them to ease their daily job.

What problems do we solve?

  • Schools provide limited opportunity for parents and teachers to meet and discuss about student’s academics.
  • Teachers spend most of their time in classrooms teaching their respective subject. They do not have enough time to focus on every child in the class.
  • Parents are always concerned about their child but are not able to get in touch with the teachers to be updated about their child’s academic progress.
  • Students are unable to reach out to their subject teachers to clarify doubts.

How we solve these problems?

  • EduChat connects the entire school community and allows them to interact from their individual vicinity.
  • EduChat simplifies the job of a teacher by allowing them to send announcements, reminders, schedules etc. to the entire class directly from their smart phones.
  • EduChat allows parents to communicate with teachers instantly with a text and receive updates regularly.
  • EduChat helps students to clarify doubts at any time by providing access to teachers through messages.

EduChat was launched in 2015 and until now we have reached out to over 4000 schools and over 50,000 users. With our hard working and dedicated team, we wish to reach schools in every corner of the world.