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School Bus Tracking

Now Track your Students, when they travel to School. Educhat has come up with a New Facility of “Bus Tracking” feature for your School, to ensure Safety and Security to your every Child.

A Cause to Look Upon

Safety is a big measure to be taken,and the Prime concern of every school and its parents. We have brought about an answer for this long pending concern with “ bus tracking “ facility on your Educhat App.

We at Educhat are proud to bring first facility for your school student and parents, - A breakthrough in technology of Safety and Security of your Cherished Ones!.

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Real Time Bus Tracking Instant Notifications


  • Provide real-time updates on school bus locations. School Bus Tracker sends Notifications, informing the School and Parents about bus delays, over speeding, unscheduled bus stops or other emergencies
  • School bus tracking systems help you to analyze the school driver’s performance, Keeping a tab on their Speed Limits, and the option to contact your drivers on duty.
  • Manage Expenses in terms of fuel and the like by providing you with reports on travel distance, travel speed, travel history etc.
  • Not Comfortable with the Travel today? Feel free to reach out to your driver Regarding it!
  • Helps you save energy and time by Automatic routing and planning and scheduling bus stops, so no more Long Waits!

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